Amber Exacta 4/15 Picks

Last Saturday I galloped like a thoroughbred through the entire Santa Anita Park complex.

Just kidding.

I did none of those things.

I was wearing a completely ridiculous excuse horse head mask and even if my knee was not killing me I was not up for galloping last weekend.

Instead my friends led me all over the back stretch and up by our luscious after a rainy Southern California winter hillside turf course as I could not see a damn thing out of this awesome mask.

I may not have run like a race horse but I sure handicapped like one hell of a punter, having multiple long shots on my Pick 5 and Pick 4 tickets on a tough Saturday at Santa Anita Park

Pick 5





5.6,9      $18 ticket

Late Pick 4




4.3,6,7.    $36 ticket

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