Adventures of Thunder Balls

I think I’m going to go home and disinfect my legs.
I say things like this all the time.
Am I accident prone?

Should I be running up hill right now while blogging on my Smart Phone?
Probably not, but I have no time to write it would seem this week, so I’ve taken to multi tasking and running.
I only check my email, return messages and blog about stupid people while jogging up Keller’s Peak, the paved road.
I can do this in winter because the rattlers are sound asleep hibernating winter away.
Winter, ha.
Yesterday I spent the eighty degree day drinking micro brews and sweating my ball’s off at Santa Anita Racetrack. I had to go to the race track, I had to lay down a bet on thunder balls. With an awesome name like that how could I not bet Thunder Balls to win? Okay, I’ll admit it, I just wanted to yell

   “Go Thunder Balls! Faster!” at the top of my lungs.
Thunder Balls lost at 24-1.
I on the other hand was a winner, as I spent all yesterday destroying my body.
You see, Santa Anita has this little thing called the Food Truck Festival.
Yesterday I did horrible things to my body.
I had Apricot beer, Hawaiian Filipino crackled Pork Belly, Truffle Fries, A Pulled Pork Taco and White Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream. 
How did I recover to run five miles today?
I also managed to insult cheerleader looking ra- ra girls with my sarcasm.
After consuming most of the Food Truck Fest, I saw this size zero blond bimbo girl wearing a shirt that said Smell Me.
That’s when I began cackling
   “I have a shirt just like that! Only mine says Pull My Finger!”
Miss San Diego Charger’s Cheerleader was not at all impressed with my wit, and she might have even puked up her Zima right than and there in the infield. I love pissing off girls!
This morning at sunrise found me destroying my body in an all together different way. I tore myself out of my warm cat filled bed at five A.M. so i could go for a run before I have to go to work.
Time to hit Keller’s Peak for a little pre sunrise workout. I jogged up Exploration Trail on this 37 degrees January morning. It was colder than I was expecting and I was surprised all the little creeks were frozen. It will probably warm up to sixty up here by the afternoon. I decided to take an old logging road that I have only taken once before. This road goes up a steep hill and kind of ends at the top of this awesome meadow with a bunch of dead ferns.
I mean it is winter, you know. This is going to be an awesome trail in the spring when the ferns are alive and everything is green. This trail gives you an amazing view of some of the mountain peaks around and the valley below. The first time I found it, I just followed some guys foot prints in the snow, figuring they had to go somewhere, right? So I scaled up a mountain, pulling my self up by roots and trying not to slide back down the snowy cliffs. The trail disappeared in places so its good I had the footprints to follow that day. Following the guys foot prints up from Exploration Trail you just make a big loop and follow the road and that takes you back to the trail.
Today, when I made it to the top and was enjoying the views in the valley below, I just happened to notice the trail continues through the Buck’s Brush. So, I start following this trail, it was pretty narrow and keep in mind this is winter, when the Buck’s Brush isn’t even out of control. In two months this trail is probably not walkable at all when the plants start filling in. The trail was getting more and more narrow and the Buck’s Brush was starting to hurt, scraping up my legs through my sweat pants, but I just kept going. I wanted to know where this trail went. I was on the very edge of the mountain over looking the valley and the views were stunning. I could see way down in the canyons to where the reservoir was.
Finally I came out of the field of Buck’s Brush and I was in a clearing with these huge magnificent boulders and white trees reaching up into the heavens. The white trees had all burnt in a fire, probably one of the fires in the sixties. I think that was the last time this area burned.
I checked out the boulders and started making my way back, but I lost the trail. There are all kinds of animal trails running through the Buck’s Brush.
But Animals have thick pelts and are not wearing sweat pants to protect there legs.
Buck’s Brush is sharp.
It’s like walking through a field of rose bushes.
So as i tried climbing up and over and through the Buck’s Brush my legs were getting torn up.
And I still couldn’t find the trail.
I was getting up set.
My legs hurt.
They were scratched and bleeding and I had torn my fancy sweat pants in numerous places, because at this point I wasn’t being careful and more. I just wanted to get back to the trail.
I did find the trail eventually, but at that point my leg’s hurt, and I still had to run two miles back to my car. My legs were bleeding and throbbing at this point.
That’s why I stick to blogging and jogging on the paved road, because when I run in the forest, I need to be aware of my surroundings, I could loss the trail even when I am paying attention!

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