Adventure on the 330

   Last week I complained about the spectacular heat while I was running at Manzanita Flats and it was only seventy five degrees at the time. Since then the temperatures have soared to near one hundred degrees. Its been hot; I’ve complained… alot.
    The other night driving home from work at midnight I saw some kind of commotion at the bottom of the Highway 330 where I always go running at City Creek. There were sheriffs cruisers all over the place, but I was tired and couldn’t really see what was going on, so I didn’t pay much attention.
    Until I got up this morning and read on the Face Book that a Boy Scout troop had become lost in the forest in the ninety degree heat. Some of the kids had to be air lifted out. One of those kids that was air lifted out was my BFF from my high school days, Brooke’s son Nathan.
   It turned out the kid’s were hiking the Daley Canyon road trail that crosses City Creek Road, the one I love to run…. In the winter time. I’ve been telling myself the last few weeks, unless we get a cold front roll through, I can’t run this again until the fall. It is just way to hot. That was three days ago when it was only seventy five and I felt like I would barely make it back to my car! I can’t believe those kids did a ten mile hike of the same trail in ninety degree heat! Wow, mountain kids are tough!

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