Acorns and Ashes

     Sometimes people ask me why I run.

     Because pounding out miles heals heartbreak.
     My feet flying through the hard packed dirt or soft snow releases my stress into pure bliss when I come to the top of a mountain peak and I see this.

     I run because my contact lenses hurt when I cry and I would rather have sore calves and hamstrings than stinging eyes.
    Sometimes life fucking sucks and loved ones are taken to soon.
    It breaks my heart to think of my friends and family and the pain they are going through right now. 
    Cathy was a great woman, mom, friend. I will always remember the conversations about pets and gardening over glasses of wine. I’ll always hold dear the memories of twangy guitar as Steve sang classic country songs at Karaoke at our local watering hole the doors closed now for so many years.
     I’ll always remember the words repeated so often at her memorial
     ” Grandma was Jonas’s best friend” I’ll always remember a little boy, way smarter than his five years sobbing saying he misses his grandma.
    As all out friends gathered later in the evening at my cabin to break bread Jonas took two acorns out of his pocket and told us all, life long friends
     ” These are from that place we spread grandmas ashes, so we will always remember”
      We stood in silence in my living room.
       Cathy we will never forget you.