A Rant about Health Care

   I get pretty pissed off just about every time I have to visit my doctors office.
   I just switched doctors too and yet, my anger remains.
   My day off work yesterday was terrible.
  Instead of trail running or hiking with friends I spent the day huddled on the couch trying not to puke for twelve hours after taking the prescription medicine I was given for pain.
   My knee began to hurt two miles from my car the day before that on my twenty mile run. Three hours later, I could barely hobble around my three story cabin. And I still tried really hard to clean a bit, even as f’ed up on meds as I was, as I have company coming this weekend and my place is a disaster.
   I tried to make a doctors appointment (I was in that much pain; I hate going to the doctor!) and was told the next available appointment was in August.
   Another reason I dislike my doctors office; by the time I get an appointment, I’m usually better, or so sick, I give up and go to Urgent Care.
   Than there is what happens when I actually get to the medical center.
   I’m just a little fed up with going to my appointment just to find my doctor is running an hour late.
   Every fucking time.
   At least this last time my new doctor, Doctor N, showed up to work.
   Last time I wen to see my old Doctor S, she called in to work, I drove forty five minutes to her office just to be told to go back home!
   So is it any wonder when I went in for my appointment last week the first thing I asked is,
   “Is Doctor N running late?”
   When I was told,
   “Yes, an hour late” I rolled my eyes at the receptionist and told her
   “You know maybe I should just start showing up to my appointments an hour late, since it takes me that long to get seen every time?” I know, I know, some times I’m just like my Dad. That is totally something he would say.
   I just get so fed up with waiting for anything, ever. I am horrible at sitting still. Getting my hair done in a salon is excruciating for me, to sit still for that long. Getting my tattoo touched up recently was horrible, not because of the pain, but because I am very squirmy and just want to go! Even having a smart phone now to keep me occupied I still have the hardest time just staying in one place.
   I just feel like I’m wasting my time.
   But wait, this time wasting shenanigan was not the only reason I had to be annoyed.
   So I go into my doctors office last week and the nurse comes in and checks my vitals, blah blah blah. Than she tells me to undress and put on the robe.
   So she leaves.
  And shuts the door.
  Less than a minute later, and I am butt naked, the doctor walks in with out knocking and every person in the hallway sees me naked!
  He does not even apologize!
  So I yell
  “Hello!? I’m not dressed yet!” (And I probably rolled my eyes again)
   He says he will come back and walks out. Still no apology. (How does he run so late when he does not give his patients five minutes to change?)
   So than he comes back, starts doing my physical and spends TEN MINUTES ASKING ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LEGS? WHY DO THEY LOOK WEIRD?
   He won’t give me a answer, he is waiting for me to figure it out on my own.

   I honestly am not even concentrating on why one of my legs looks different from the other.
   In my head I am thinking, holy fuck, this is why you are running so late…
   Because you ask each of your patients to self diagnose themselves, wasting time letting them guess, when you could just tell me one of my legs is longer than the other!
   And this is why I am not looking forward to going to Doctor N for my appointment in August.
   He will probably stroll in an hour late, than  ask me why my knee looks funny.
   Who is the f’ing doctor here, me or him?