A Night at the Fair

   There is nothing like a sultry summer evening with friends drinking microbrews and eating things covered in bacon and deep fried at the fair. (How upset was I that we missed BaconFest by one weekend?!)
   One of the best parts of summer is all over the United States little country fairs are happening in small towns and big ones too.
  I had never been to the Del Mar County Fair before and last week we went for the first time.
   Before I could pay twenty one dollars for a turkey leg wrapped in bacon I had to first get into the fair.
   We found free parking on a far away hillside with a great view of the ocean in the distance and walked by apartments on Shoemaker Lane and Longdon Street (obviously we were in beautiful Del Mar California, home of horse racings finest, where the turf meets the surf)
    As we strolled down the steep hill on this June evening we commented on how awesome it would be to walk off all the deep fried food and beer later walking back up this hill. Down below us we could see the race track, the grand stands and the Ferris wheel in the distance. It seemed pretty far away, but was really only about a mile.
   I was having a great time talking with friends and laughing as we approached will call, nabbed our free tickets and than approached the entrance.
  That’s when I saw that our bags would be searched and anyone that had any weapons had to surrender them.
   Yes, I had a weapon in my handbag.
   I work in a grocery store and completely forgot I left my box cutter in my handbag.
   We were parked so far from the car, there was no point in running it back. I felt like a absolute criminal, slyly “surrendering” my box cutter in the weapon surrender box.

   After that little incident we were ready for happy hour, deep fried cheese curds wrapped in bacon and checking out some farm animals.             

Photo by loves2fartlek



    We also rode on an extremely rickety roller coaster and lived to tell the tale.
    Plus we managed to fir size people and a funnel cake bigger than my head inside a photo booth.
   Awesome night at the Del Mar County Fair.

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