A Morning at Bear Creek

    The last few mornings have been so epically beautiful up here in my mountain forest.   
    There is a storm moving in from the west and the clouds a thousand feet below me have been so gorgeous every morning as I’ve run down the mountain trails and into the rolling fog.

    I finally, after five or so different tries managed to run all the way to the bottom of Bear Creek Trail to Siberia Camp the other day.
   The trail down was actually not so hard. I had heard it was very over grown at one point so I had never made it past a specific point where I always turn around.                                                     I’m so glad I kept going today! What a glorious hike!                                                                    My friends and I call this the death trail as the first time I did this trail almost killed me.
     Also a guy was attacked by a bear on this trail a few years ago.
     As I made my way down the mountain and ascended into a foggy spooky forest I felt like the eyes of a million aggressive bears were on me.
    I actually ran right by the place where the guy was attacked by the bear. His destroyed back pack and tent litter the trail where he had tried to make camp. It’s weird to think that so many people probably hike past this mess to arrive at the fishing hole a few thousand feet below and they probably have no idea the story of the destroyed back pack and camping sight littering the trail.    The hike down was relatively easy and I was kind of surprised. I expected a very chaparral infested trail and to have a hard time fighting my way through.    At the bottom of the area where I chose to turn around sits the Bear Creek Crossing and Siberia Trail Camp is across from that.    There were quite a few good size trout in the cold creek waters and I was kicking myself for not bringing my fishing pole!    I didn’t have time to fish anyways.    I forgot my snacks for this hike and I was starving by the time I reached the creek, than I had to hike all the way back to my car up very intense switch backs! Thank god I had hiked deep down into the fog and the south facing trail was all in a deep dark fog on the way back up!    This is one of the most steep hikes in this area and the switchbacks are brutal going back up; more so on an empty stomach!