A Little Red Sticker

I put this little red sticker on my drivers license when I was 18 years old.

I was so young; I was still a kid.
Putting a red donar sticker on a drivers license meant nothing yet.
Every day my life revolved around choir and drama practice after school and building sets and hanging lights.
I hadn’t spent New Years Eve in the ICU yet at that point as my friend lay septic and broken before me.
I hadn’t really seen anything in my life that would really throw into focus what donating a organ really was.
Until today.
My mom has been in ICU for three days now and at the moment is suffering from kidney failure and she is septic.
I made the decision in just a instant this morning that if she needs a new kidney I’ll donate one of mine ( praying they are healthy enough) 
Right now I’m just praying she will get better.
I’ll start with that for today.

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