A is for.. A Potato Snack on the Trail

   I’m confused by the instructions on A to Z blogging in April so I’m posting my A blog for yesterday Sunday and also for today April First. I’ll be blogging six days a week in April for the blogging A-Z, yea.
   And back to the goat cheese..

   Today I accidentally ran fifteen miles.packed with complex
   Okay, I do realize I accidentally run marathon distances quite a bit.
   It really is an accident. I had hoped for a long run in Big Bear this morning, but than I found a new trail and another new trail and thought they might just connect together and I could just make a big loop.
   They did eventually connect and it was such a glorious run along the Pacific Crest Trail and a few hundred feet above Big Bear Lake below the trail, but in that time I ran about fifteen miles.
   Good thing I brought a delicious nutritious trail snack.

    Potato Snack is packed with complex carbs that help you out with keeping your energy levels up when you run or hike long distances.
   The salt added helps rehydrate the salt you sweat out.
   You can make these in the microwave in three minutes, they require two ingredients and they do not need to be refrigerated… A perfect trail food!

Potato Trail Snack

6 small organic red potatoes
1/2 tsp kosher sea salt

Wash the potatoes, poke holes in them with a fork, and microwave them for three minutes.
When cooked, cut into fourths, sprinkle with the sea salt and wrap in foil for a delicious treat on the trail!