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NaBloPoMo November 2012
     Some one apparently looked up hot glory boobs and found my blog.
     I guess I use those words together in the same sentence quite a bit?
     Today’s adventure had me using words such as Galangal, Kaffir, and San Bernardino Ghetto.
    Today’s excursion involved me driving to San Bernardino. I wanted to make Thai Soup, Tom Kah.
     This required a trip to the Asian market in the ghetto. Okay actually this would require two trips to the Asian market, one with a translator.
    Let me give you a piece of advice… Do not drive to San Bernardino in the A.M. This is when all the crack heads commute and they hate to fucking merge! Also due to all the meth they smoke, they have lost their ability to use turn signals along with their teeth.
     Yet with all this going on I did manage to make it to the Asian Market on Mill and Waterman with out much trouble.
  Until I walked in the door and was completely, completely lost. 
  Number one I walk into the front door of the Asian Market and the place is deserted; no employees any where. Weird, right?  I did see the fresh produce but did not see lemongrass or the galangal root I was searching for. Now I’m pretty sure I know what lemongrass looks like; I bought it about six years ago. I did not see it any where in the produce case and nothing was labeled in English. So I wander around this little shop, looking lost and I see a young woman behind the meat counter. She did not speak a word of English.
    Oh well, on to the freezer section. I need a frozen root called galangal, it’s like ginger. I saw nothing that looked like a root in any way. At this point I gave up and walked out. I’ll need to come back with a translator I was thinking. Oh did I mention the Asian market smelled amazing? I have no idea what food they were cooking but it smelled so F’ing good…. I wanted to eat everything in the store.NaBloPoMo November 2012


  1. opinion8dhermit

    I have always wanted to go to that market but the ghetto scares me and then a foreign place intrigues and scares me…so I have stayed away.

    Man you get glorious boobs and all I get us exermacise. Lame!

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