It’s May in Southern California.
   In my little mountain town that means spring is finally here at six thousand feet.
   As I drove down Kuffel Canyon with my grandma in the car the other day rain streaked the windshield and we admired the Dog Wood Trees in bloom that filled the sky of this canyon.
   It was absolutely beautiful.
   Some times it is hard to imagine that this is Southern California.
   My grandma was telling me
   “Grandpa and I came up to Lake Arrowhead in May 1984 and we just fell in love with the mountains. There is no where like this in Southern California. It’s just so beautiful”
   Even though I’m sick right now and I spent the whole day working, it was nice to enjoy this beautiful day going for a drive with Grandma. Even on a rainy spring day, it was a gorgeous mountain morning.

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