Month: February 2019

You Go Girl! (A Tale of Winter Time Bladder and Traffic Emergencies at 7,000 Feet)

I never thought I would be that stranded stressed out motorist that you see on the news in a rainstorm who slept in her car because the rural mountain road washed out. You know the ones I’m talking about during the great blizzard of ’06, shivering in her car and wondering if she’s going to …

Ghost Pepper Bison Protein Burgers with Smoky BBQ Cream Sauce

Winter. Its somehow already the second week in February and our chilly mountain town has heated up on this snowy Sunday to a balmy thirty-two degrees. And we are thrilled because last week it was three degrees when I got up, bundled up in my fleece balaclava. North Face jacket, leg warmers and my two …

This hike is powered by Seafood Ghee Roast

How did I power up 4,000 feet in the snow when most people are just getting into the office on a Monday morning? This hike was powered by Seafood Ghee Roast with Greek Yogurt. It’s my special power breakfast, Reserved for days when I burn over two thousand calories in a morning, yes, I think can justify drinking clarified butter for breakfast.