Month: December 2018

All I got for Christmas was this damn Giardia

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Santa does not deliver a case of Giardia to The Hungry Mountaineer this holiday season after I had to do the ultimate wilderness culture no-no yesterday and drink from a crystal clear creek on my seven hour-long trek up San Gorgonio, the highest mountain peak in Southern California.

Mary Do you know, What the Hell to buy Dad for Christmas?


Christmas shopping for my dad is not as easy as clicking on Amazon and buying the best dad-friendly gift. Does Amazon have a vintage 1980’s addition of Bargain Hunter? Well actually Amazon may not but Ebay might. In honor of Black Friday lets take a minute out of our day to ask ourselves, what does …

Carly the Christmas Miracle

It sounds like a tale you can’t make up if you tried; Our dog got loose from the pet sitter we hired from Rover, and ran four miles through the coyote and rattlesnake filled hills of Encinitas, California, before falling in a canal and floating down the swiftly moving waters of the San Elijo Lagoon …

Easy Holiday Pine Cone Decorations

Living in a resort town at seven thousand feet you get very used to pine cones, pine needles and tree sap. Being a mountain girl, in our household, we use pine cones a lot more as fire starters then decorations but normally just like clockwork when we have friends come to visit they see a …