Month: May 2012

Cows pooping, Stinky Spas and Wine Tasting; Epic Trip to the Central Coast

    I smell like campfire and rotten eggs.    A little stinkier than usual, maybe even for me.   Ahh camping.    Nothing like sipping a warm Chai tea by the camp fire on a chilly beach morning while reading a good book.    Or nothing like setting up your tent right next to a bee hive, finding ticks …

The Best Runner’s Trail Mix

Two great foods to embrace when running, salt and bananas for Potassium are in this high protein trail mix Runner’s Trail Mix Dried BananaswalnutsSalted pecanssalted almondspistachiosdried cranberriesdried blueberriesdried cherriesdried peachesdried pearscandied cashews yogurt covered raisins are good too, but they do melt in the heat

Is Ass hole two words or one?

If your wondering why my cat smells like onions, it’s because he is sleeping on my onions. I thought these were planters.I was wrong.They are cat beds.Yet this wasnt the worst thing Zion did today.When I woke up and came down stairs this morning, I discovered my library book on the kitchen counter.Covered in cat …