Month: August 2011

%$^^$#$**! Smart Phone!

     I have a real problem with technology, well most days. Specifically today. It started with my garbage disposal not working. Okay that’s not really a technological advancement, I mean unless you live in Brittan where they might in the year 2015 actually have garbage disposals? Maybe? Maybe they will have screens on their windows and …

Man Food Casserole

     Men like meat right? And potatoes right? And corn right? and cheese right? What if you throw hot sauce on the whole thing? Hot cheesy goodness! My heart hurts.Man Food Casserolealready pre made pot roast1 bag pre cooked garlic potatoeshorse radishsour creamcanned cornsharp white aged cheddar cheese

Revenge of the Alcoholic Brie cheese eating yuppie Raccoons

     Last week I spent my days off camping in the mountains. Yes, camping a mile from my house. Camping right outside my front door is actually quite nice. It means I can simply drive home (thirteen minute round trip) when I forget camping essentials (Like my super warm Uggs) It also means the store …